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Welcome to the law office of Rafael Sanchez, a licensed attorney in California, experienced in Employment Law, Immigration, Personal Injury, Wills and Trusts, and California Lemon Law. Rafael offers a comprehensive, client-centered approach in each case, providing customized legal advice designed for your specific circumstances. With his extensive legal knowledge, he offers a lifeline to individuals navigating the complexities of the legal system, taking pride in protecting their rights and interests.

Understanding that every legal problem can seem overwhelming at first, Rafael offers free 15-minute consultations via phone call or Zoom to answer your initial inquiries and help you chart the best course forward. Discover the difference of having an advocate like Rafael Sanchez by your side today.

Practice Areas

Employment Law
Navigating the workplace can be fraught with legal challenges, from unfair dismissals to complicated benefits negotiations. In the sphere of Employment Law, Rafael Sanchez is your stalwart advocate. He brings a comprehensive understanding of the laws that govern employer-employee relationships, ensuring that your rights are vigorously upheld. Whether you’re grappling with discrimination issues, negotiating employment contracts, or pursuing wrongful termination claims, Rafael provides astute legal guidance. His relentless dedication aims to secure a work environment where fairness reigns, helping you recover lost wages, benefits, and peace of mind.

In the field of Immigration Law, Rafael Sanchez offers experience and guidance to individuals and families navigating the complexities of the U.S. immigration system. Whether you’re seeking a visa, facing deportation, or working towards citizenship, Rafael’s deep understanding of the intricacies involved can provide you with the knowledge and resources needed to confidently advance your case.

Personal Injury
Personal Injury Law requires a compassionate yet aggressive attorney, someone who can understand a victim’s pain and suffering while fighting tirelessly for their rights. Rafael Sanchez embodies these characteristics. His commitment to victims of personal injury, from car accidents to workplace injuries, is unwavering. He works tirelessly to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional distress.

Wills and Trusts
When it comes to Wills and Trusts, planning for the future is crucial, but can be overwhelming. Rafael’s extensive knowledge in this field allows him to guide you through the process with ease, ensuring that your legacy is preserved according to your wishes. He can assist in drafting wills, creating trusts, and managing estate matters, always with meticulous attention to detail and respect for your personal goals.

California Lemon Law
Under California’s Lemon Law, consumers have rights when it comes to defective vehicles. If you find yourself stuck with a ‘lemon,’ Rafael Sanchez can help. He understands the frustration of dealing with unresponsive manufacturers and the complexities of the legal processes involved. Using his vast experience, Rafael fights for your consumer rights, with the goal of securing a refund, a replacement vehicle, or the cash compensation you are entitled to by law.